July 4th in Saint Augustine Florida is a taxicab owners’ worst nightmare. For the drivers it can be a bonanza as much of the population feels in need of a cab company.
The fireworks are rather impressive and many flock to the Ancient City to enjoy the display. However, traffic soon backs up and even the most knowledgeable hackney can get lost in this labyrinth of gridlock.
To avoid these delays and provide timely service Abraxi Taxi will be parking our cab vans and using the new Honda taxi copter. Our taxi pilots are reasonably familiar with the innovative air taxis, so not to worry and as an added safety feature, each vehicle will have pontoons attached, in case of driver error, we can emergency land in the Matanzas River.
For your enjoyment will be providing an open bar, complete buffet, and other party favors. We encourage our customers to dress appropriately and to wear extremely comfortable shoes. I promise to hover as close to your destination as possible before dropping you, our taxi fare, off close to your destination.
So ,when you are sitting at the Tini Martini Bar or Meehans Irish Pub watching bumper to bumper traffic, wondering why your Uber or Lyft has not magically appeared, be assured that the Abraxi air transport is just seconds away.
Visit our website, abraxitaxi.com, for rates, reviews, helipad locations and the safe grassy knolls nearest your home. Mr. Scott will be the dispatcher and when all else fails we will put the transporter into service. Scotty, “beam them up: the taxi services in Saint Augustine Florida are overloaded and off the grid; and I am running out of di-lithium crystals:.
Please enjoy Independence Day in the nation’s oldest city. Be prepared for long waits and impossible traffic. Do wear comfortable shoes and be prepared to do some walking. To those who we are able to take into town. we will do our best to get you safely back home. Disclaimer, satire: Abraxi Taxi currently does not own any type of flying machine but on this day, sure wish I did! Break glass www.abraxitaxi.com or call 904 599 6666.

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