Saint Augustine taxi cabs

Sometimes it gets pretty busy.We are not really a brick mortar company as our cars generally are on the move.So if we can not get you in a timely fashion here are some other cab company options.

Abraxi Taxi 599 6666
My Personal 599 5152
Abraxi Taxi offers airport service to
all major airports.We are open 24 hours and have a flat rate
of 75.00 to both Jacksonville and Daytona Airports.

Ace/Yellow/Ancient City 824 6888 same company
This is the largest company with the most reasonable rates.

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Eco Rides 827 7206 or 377 7088
Very fuel efficient and might have a van.

Green Taxi 808 9995
Again name says it all,Eco friendly but a viable option on a very busy night.
First Coast 825 9999
Affordable 460 4363

Green Taxi 808 9995

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