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In today’s world of tough competition, the importance of quality service offered by taxis cannotbe highlighted enough. Our goal at Abraxi Taxi is to provide the best transportation services for all our clients and enable us to achieve a competitive edge in this industry. To do this, we aim to impress every person who rides with us by being well-informed about various destinations and prompt with clean taxis and excellent customer service. Drivers must also remainprofessional by being reliable, respectful, responsible, and competent.
We offer the latest in technology, efficiency, and safety to help our drivers move people straightforwardly and make money. It is extremely important to understand that as our driver, you are our brand ambassador, the one who can guarantee every customer walks away with a smile and keeps coming back. This handbook establishes an effective, accountable and transparent framework for managing drivers at Abraxi Taxi. It will help you understand what we expect of you as our taxi driver as we envisageto be the best Taxi Company this country has to offer. Abraxi Taxi Companyis also fully compliant with all the regulations put forth by the City of Saint Augustine—including proper business and hack licensing, commercial taxi insurance, and the official city medallion. Therefore, to be our team member:
• You must validate your state driver’s license.
• You must follow all the regulations set by the City of Saint Augustine and the State of Florida, as well as the policies of Abraxi Taxi Service.
• You must be committed to delivering great service and customer relations to all our clients.
• You must operate our vehicles in a safe and defensive manner making sure that all customers are offereda stress-free riding experience.
• You must have excellent driving skills as well as confidenceand adequacy on the road.
• You must not be afraid of giving back feedback and making suggestions that you feel may make our company better.
We believe that when you succeed, we succeed, when you are happy, we are happy, and when you are great, the company is great. We are glad that you have brought your skills to Abraxi Taxi and we want you to be the most successful team member you can be. Let’s work and achieve greatness.




We only have shift drivers, but we offer owner/operator programs. A shift driver will work a 12-hour shift and MUST follow our laid-out guidelines to the letter. Financial obligations are paid daily to the owner, and late payments may incur a fee. Below is a detailed list of our dispatch guidelinesand regulations:
1. You MUST have a good phone, preferably a smartphone or tablet running iOS or Android system. The smartphone should also have an efficient running service; we recommend Verizon or ATT. A good phone or tablet will be very helpful when you need to use travel apps or Google Maps. Keep your phone charged, and with you always while working.
2. When you accept a dispatched call, you MUST be committed to it, no exceptions. Failure to complete this quest will have severe consequences—you may be suspended, make full payment, and/or get terminated.
3. You MUST keep your statements to the dispatcher brief and direct to the point. For instance, if you have a pickup from the beach headed downtown, tell the dispatcher something like this— “clear on thebeach; headed downtown.” And when you get downtown, call in and say, “clear.”
4. If the customer has any changes to their travel itinerary, you MUST alert the dispatcher immediately. Sometimes it is cheaper to charge the passenger by the hour. Our minimum credit card fare is $10.
5. When you receive a call to pick a client to the airport, you MUST be there 10 minutes early.
6. Our shifts are set tostart at 5 or 6 AM and end at 5 0r 6 PM (12 hours), six days a week preferably. Arrangements can occasionally be made for extra time off. However, will need 24-hour lead time to make such arrangements.
7. You MUST always use our price sheet and never overcharge the client. If you don’t have a copy of the price list, you can access it on our website. We use flat rates so finding the quickest route to your destination will help both you and the customer.
8. Abraxi Taxi accepts credit cards, so you MUST open a bank account and sign up with Square or Intuit. PayPal is another viable option. Provide our business cards to the client whenever they ask and let them know you are available whenever they need you for their trip back.
9. 30 minutes before your shift ends, you MUSTvacuum, clean, and gas the vehicle and leave a full-tank of gas. If you lose the vehicle’s key, you replace the key.You must also pay the daily shift lease. Remember, you will be held accountable for any tickets.
10. You MUST check all fluids and body condition of the vehicle before taking any vehicle. Most of our vehicles are shared by daytime and nighttime shift drivers. Therefore, do not take a vehicle if you notice any exterior damage or safety issues. If you notice such issues, alert a dispatcher, manager, or owner immediately.
11. We provide a maintenance checklist deposit envelope which you MUST FILL out fully at the end of your shift. If you notice any dents or dings, notify the dispatcher, and have them enter this in the daily log. This is for your protection. Not everyone is as honest as yourself. Please complete this checklist fully every time you finish your shift.


In the event you have a breakdown with any vehicle provided by the Abraxi Taxi, (for example, a flat tire, or any mechanical problem or check engine light that hinders the operability of the vehicle) you are required to do the following to avoid possible penalties or inconveniencing the clients.
1. You MUST notify the dispatcher immediately using proper procedures.
2. You must answer all the questions put to you by the dispatcher and record the time of the breakdown in the daily log.
3. If a breakdown happens when the passenger is on board, you MUST notify the dispatcher to arrange for a transfer to a second vehicle.
4. If a tow vehicle has been requested, you MUST remain with the vehicle until the tow company arrives at the scene. If the vehicle is repaired on site, you must also notify the dispatcher and record the time you resume service.
5. If you are able to restart the vehicle without requiring repair services, you MUST call in and notify the dispatcher who will then CANCEL the tow services. If you fail to do so, you will incur the charges of the tow company.
6. If the vehicle is indeed towed back to Abraxi Taxi facilities, you MUST accompany the vehicle, tiding in the tow vehicle. Then you must complete the necessary procedures at our facilities to obtain another taxi and resume work.
7. You MUST also notify the dispatcher of any change in status, i.e., the breakdown time and time-back in service, which will be recordedaccordingly.


1. In the event that you are involved in an accident, you MUST ensure that everyone involved is all right—if you are all right yourself of course.
2. You MUST then write down the plate number of all the vehicles involved and notify the dispatcher, the owner, or call the number provided to you in the glove compartment.
3. You MUST answer all the questions presented to you by the dispatcher as calmly and as simply as possible and then follow all the instructions laid to you by the dispatcher and cooperate fully.
4. If the vehicle is still operable, you MUST proceed to the nearest police station to make a statement. Take some pictures if you can, but police reports are extremely crucial. Many times, the authorities will be on scene.
5. You MUST report any accident, no matter how minor, and whether any damage has been incurred or not. No exceptions will be tolerated!
6. If you cannot drive the vehicle, you MUST remain at the scene of the accident until the dispatcher sends a tow company. You must also notify the police while you are at the scene.
7. You MUST secure the details of the other driver(s) including the owner of the vehicle; the name of the driver; the driver’s license and social security numbers; the name of their insurance company; and the names and contacts of the passengers in the other vehicle(s). Try to secure the names and contacts of any bystander who witnessed the accident. You should also provide your details if required.
8. After obtaining the police report and other necessary details, you MUST report back to the Abraxi Taxi facilities to obtain and complete our accident report. Here, you must submit your driver’s license to the dispatcher and wait to see the claims.
9. If any vehicle damage occurs because of a direct cause of your actions, you MUST reimburse the company a deductible fee of $1000.
10. Note, you MUST know and understand that all decisions made by the Abraxi Taxi claims department are final.


At Abraxi Taxi, we choose to distinguish between a driver’s performance and driver’s behavior. Failure to differentiate between these two concepts hascaused and continues to cause, confusion among many drivers. A driver’s performance relates to the driver’s skills and abilities and follows the expended guidelines. On the other hand, we believe a driver’s sense of professionalism should be instinctive and should be used to promote the brand’s image. We uphold the following behaviors:
1. Always be on time and if anything is holding you up, notify the client immediately.
2. Always abide by the seat belt laws.
3. Drive carefully by keeping the adequate speed limits and traffic regulations.
4. Stay calm as you drive through heavy traffic or dealing with impolite customers.
5. Be friendly to the clients, ask them their music preferences and even help them load and unload the luggage.
6. Lead the conversation with the clients professionally, respecting their distance.
7. Clarify the route details to the client, and ask them if they have a favorite route.
8. No disruptive behavior, including flirting or inappropriate actions or language. Behaviors such as sexual harassment can never be tolerated in this company.
9. Never drive while holding your phone or texting. Always obey traffic rule.
10. Never hint at receiving tips from the clients.
11. Keep safe any belongings left behind by the clients and take them back to our facilities.
12. Do not allow customers to eat in the cars. However, be polite when letting them know.
13. Always dress presentably and maintain a high level of personal hygiene.
14. Don’t allow your significant others into the vehicle. No extra riders should be allowed in the vehicle. You should never overload.
15. Always answer your calls, from clients and management alike. Never assume the management knows what you are up to. Rely on calls, not text messages.
16. NEVER attend any shift while drunk. This will lead to immediate termination. Abraxi Taxi is a drug and alcohol-free workplace.


Driver FAQs What to Do
What if the customer is not there to accept the ride? Wait five minutes and then call the client. Wait for another ten minutes and call again if he/she is still not there. If he/she still doesn’t show up, notify the dispatcher.
What to do in case of a breakdown? Call the dispatcher and follow the instructions given.
What to do in the event of an accident? Call the dispatcher or owner and follow the instructions given. Take important details of the other vehicle(s).
What to do if you had to incur parking charges? Pay parking charges from your pocket but inform the dispatcher about it after the trip. Provide the receipt.
What to do if you do not know the client’s directions? Try to use google maps or ask your co-workers for tips.
What if a regular client calls and you are not on shift? Try to cover with a shift partner and have them call thedispatcher.
How do I make more money? Hang out where people are; this would be stores, plazas, and hotels, in the day, and hotels and nightclubs at night. We are particularly famous at the statue of Ponce De Leon and the Bridge of Lions. Befriend clients to get regulars. Drive during peak hours.


I have read and understood the contents of this manual along with the policies and guidelines presented,and I agree fullyto the terms of conditions set by Abraxi Taxi Company.

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